Graphic Design

Open your eyes and see the beauty all around.

Graphic Design

We help companies develop a brand identity that is a coherent articulation of their unique brand values, personality traits and aspirations. This enables them to create a clearly definable position that connects with their customers, helping them grow their businesses.

We help you reach your target by telling your story in a beautiful way.
So what’s your story ?

Graphic Design applications

  • Identity
    Logos, graphics, stationery, packaging, signage, pictograms, etc. 
  • Layout & Printing solutions
    Invitations, posters, brochures, booklets, folders, flyers, typos, advertising & promotional creations, ... 
  • Event Material
    ID panels, arrows, lay-outs, visual graphics, … 
  • Professional Presentation & Templates
    Optimization and creation of Power Point. 

Emilie Bruyère

I have always had a passionate interest in art. I pursued this interest avidly and today, thanks to my extensive knowledge, I am able to approach design with a multidisciplinary and contemporary mindset.

As a creator of images, I appropriate and manipulate artistic, graphic and pictorial codes with a view to catch the eye, attract attention and inspire curiosity.

It was then natural for me to join the Vertigo team for more beautiful and global projects, from the start of the projects with the event department until the end with Benjamin (our photo & video expert).

Your projects will be brought to life with enthusiasm, creativity, know-how, sensitivity, adaptability, rigour, passion and sensuality.